60 Minutes Tonight: “Healing Justice, One Small Step” July 21 2024

60 Minutes July 21 2024 CBS

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up on “60 MINUTES” this Sunday, July 21, 2024, on the CBS Television Network.

Healing Justice

Lesley Stahl presents a compelling update on Jennifer Thompson’s journey in “Healing Justice.” After being a rape victim and later discovering that an innocent man was wrongly imprisoned for the crime, Thompson has devoted herself to Healing Justice, an organization aimed at fostering healing and understanding among wrongfully convicted individuals, crime victims, and their families. Stahl explores how Thompson’s initiative brings these groups together through intensive retreats, allowing them to share their experiences and support each other in a quest for justice and reconciliation.


One Small Step

Norah O’Donnell sits down with Dave Isay, the visionary behind StoryCorps, in “One Small Step.” Founded over two decades ago, StoryCorps has amassed a vast archive of personal stories, making it the largest collection of human voices ever recorded. Isay introduces his latest project, “One Small Step,” which encourages Americans across political divides to engage in face-to-face conversations, aiming to bridge gaps and promote understanding. O’Donnell delves into the impact of these intimate dialogues on fostering empathy and breaking down societal barriers.

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