60 Minutes Tonight: “Pope Francis, Cuban Spycraft, The Album” May 19 2024

60 Minutes May 19 2024 CBS Stories – Pope Francis, Cuban Spycraft, The Album

Pope Francis

Norah O’Donnell sits down for a historic interview with Pope Francis at his home, the Santa Marta guest house in Vatican City. The 87-year-old pope discusses various global issues, including the wars in Israel and Gaza, Ukraine, and migration crises. The conversation also delves into the Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse scandals, Francis’ commitment to inclusiveness within the Church, and his views on surrogate parenthood.


Cuban Spycraft

Correspondent Cecilia Vega reports on the covert activities of Cuban spies within the U.S. government, focusing on individuals like former U.S. ambassador Victor Manuel Rocha and ex-Pentagon official Ana Montes. Despite serving in high-profile positions with top security clearances, these spies have evaded American intelligence officials, posing a threat to national security.


The Album

Anderson Cooper investigates a rare photo album depicting Nazis socializing at dinner parties and picnics, which was discovered at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. The album belonged to a high-ranking Nazi officer involved in the daily operations of Auschwitz. Cooper explores the story behind the album and discusses its transformation into an Off-Broadway play titled “Here There Are Blueberries,” directed by Moises Kaufman.


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