60 Minutes Tonight: “Lone Star, 97 Books, Artemis” March 3 2024

60 Minutes March 3 2024 CBS Stories – Operation Lone Star, 97 Books, Artemis

Operation Lone Star

Kicking off the evening, correspondent Cecilia Vega presents an extensive report on Operation Lone Star, Governor Greg Abbott’s contentious border enforcement initiative in Eagle Pass, Texas. As tensions escalate between state and federal authorities, delve into the complexities and controversies surrounding this endeavor in a segment produced by Andy Court.

97 Books

Following that, correspondent Scott Pelley delves into the contentious battle over the banning of 97 books within a South Carolina public school district. Explore the dynamics of the national movement advocating for “parental rights” as Pelley investigates the clash between censorship efforts and opposition in Beaufort, S.C. This segment, produced by Henry Schuster and Sarah Turcotte, promises an insightful exploration.


Then, accompany Bill Whitaker as he delves into NASA’s ambitious plans for the Artemis program. From the mission to return Americans to the moon to the establishment of a lunar outpost and eventual voyages to Mars, gain an insider’s perspective on the challenges, timelines, and aspirations propelling this historic endeavor. Produced by Rome Hartman, this segment features interviews with NASA’s top watchdog and a firsthand visit to one of its contractors, Blue Origin.

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