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Dateline Friday: “Justice for Joy” April 12 2024

Dateline NBC April 12 2024: “Justice for Joy”

Dateline NBC presents a compelling two-hour special, “Justice for Joy,” airing on Friday, April 12 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

The episode delves into the tragic case of Joy Hibbs, whose life was cut short in a devastating house fire. However, a shocking autopsy revelation changes everything – Joy was murdered before the fire took hold. Despite numerous suspects, the investigation hits a dead end, leaving the case cold for years.

Decades later, a startling revelation surfaces, unveiling long-held secrets and reigniting the pursuit of justice. Reported by Blayne Alexander, the special features exclusive interviews with key figures, including Detective Michael Slaughter, Joy’s brothers Charlie and David Hibbs, District Attorney Jen Schorn, and April Atkins.

“Justice for Joy” promises an emotional and gripping exploration, full of twists and unexpected discoveries, as it seeks to uncover the truth behind Joy Hibbs’s tragic fate. Tune in to Dateline NBC for this riveting two-hour special and join the quest for justice.

Joy Hibbs: The Full Story

On the evening of May 11, 2022, tragedy struck in Austin, Texas, as professional cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson was fatally shot at a friend’s house. The perpetrator, identified as Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, acted out of jealousy toward Wilson’s romantic involvement with Armstrong’s on-and-off boyfriend, pro cyclist Colin Strickland. Armstrong’s actions initiated a complex legal saga marked by attempted escapes and a dramatic courtroom trial.

Anna Moriah Wilson, born in 1996 and originally from Vermont, was a talented athlete who transitioned from skiing to gravel cycling. In contrast, Kaitlin Armstrong, a native of Michigan, was known as a yoga instructor and licensed real estate agent. The paths of these two women intersected through their connection with Colin Strickland.

Following Wilson’s tragic death, a comprehensive investigation implicated Armstrong. Surveillance footage and eyewitness testimonies placed her at the scene of the crime, and further scrutiny revealed her motive and prior threats against Wilson. Despite attempting to flee, Armstrong was eventually apprehended in Costa Rica after 43 days on the run.

Subsequently, Armstrong faced trial and was found guilty of first-degree murder. She received a 90-year prison sentence, with the possibility of parole after 30 years. Armstrong continues to challenge her conviction through the appeals process while serving her sentence at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit.

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