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Dateline Saturday: “Without a Trace” December 30 2023

Dateline NBC Tonight December 30 2023: “Without a Trace” on Carrie Olson & Tim McVay

In the upcoming Dateline NBC episode titled “Vanishing Without a Trace,” scheduled to air on December 30, 2023, the narrative centers on the puzzling vanishing of 29-year-old Carrie Olson. When Carrie fails to appear at her workplace and is subsequently reported as a missing person, her local community bands together in a collective search effort. Detectives, however, become increasingly suspicious of potential wrongdoing and shift their investigative focus onto two individuals within her social circle.

The episode deeply explores the enigma shrouding Carrie Olson’s disappearance, the dedicated endeavors to locate her, and the investigative procedures that prompt law enforcement to entertain the possibility of foul play. It presents a riveting account of a community’s unwavering resolve to locate a missing individual and the relentless efforts of detectives in their quest to unveil the truth behind her mysterious disappearance.

Carrie Olson & Tim McVay: The Full Story

In the ongoing legal case involving Tim McVay, a 48-year-old individual, he was found guilty of a homicide in 2015 related to the disappearance of 29-year-old Carrie Olson in 2013. This particular case has garnered significant attention and is still unfolding. Carrie Olson, a 29-year-old resident from Davenport, went missing on December 29, 2013, initially prompting a missing person inquiry.

Tim McVay, who had a previous romantic relationship with Carrie, emerged as a person of interest in her disappearance. Notably, Carrie had also been romantically involved with another man named Justin Mueller.

Carrie’s perplexing disappearance took place in late December 2013, shortly after she moved in with Justin Mueller. The last person to have seen her was Mueller, who reported that she departed their residence after a heated argument and did not return.

Tim McVay subsequently claimed that Carrie had visited his home seeking solace following her altercation with Mueller. He recounted dropping her off at her residence the following morning and borrowing her car to catch a flight to Las Vegas.

Suspicions surrounding McVay heightened when surveillance footage captured his attempts to utilize Carrie’s debit card at a gas station and make multiple unsuccessful withdrawals from her bank account. McVay explained these actions as routine, asserting they occurred even after the conclusion of their romantic relationship.

In April 2014, Carrie Olson’s lifeless body was discovered in a remote wooded area in Hastings, Minnesota, the same locality where McVay had parked her car before traveling to Las Vegas. The exact cause of her death was categorized as homicide, although the specific means were undisclosed. Significantly, a piece of carpet resembling the one found at McVay’s residence was detected in her hair.

Grounded in the available evidence, law enforcement deemed it appropriate to apprehend Tim McVay. Consequently, he was convicted through a bench trial in 2015, facing charges of first-degree murder and concealment of a homicidal death. The imposed sentence comprised 40 years for the murder conviction and an additional five years for concealment, with these penalties running consecutively.

Despite his conviction, Tim McVay persists in professing his innocence while serving his sentence, asserting that he did not perpetrate the killing of Carrie Olson.

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